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Our Story

While settling in to enjoy a movie with family and friends back in 2007, Brock Matthews, Inventor & Founder of It's All In The Pillow, was growing increasingly frustrated. The basement entertainment room was dominated by an oversized couch and ottomans, and he was reminded again that there was no place to set drinks or popcorn.

"There wasn’t room for an end table or a coffee table, so we were faced with another evening of juggling food and drink on our laps," Brock recalls. "We had a toddler at the time, so we couldn't even put anything on the floor."
Brock distinctly remembers looking around the room and asking himself, "What’s here that we could use as a food and beverage holder?"

His eyes fell upon a dozen oversized decorative pillows. The next day, Brock Googled "functional pillow" and found nothing on the Internet. He was certain he was onto a good idea and borrowed his 85-year-old neighbor's sewing machine to make the first model of this revolutionary pillow product. He contacted a patent attorney and It's All In The Pillow™ was born!

Now, after several years of refining and improving the signature model, It's All In The Pillow has taken on a life of its own. One thing is certain: no one could have envisioned and predicted the evolution and limitless creative concepts of It’s All In The Pillow!

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